Vietnam Visa On Arrival Vs. Vietnam Visa At Vietnam Embassy

Vietnam Visa On Arrival Vs. Vietnam Visa At Vietnam Embassy

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vietnam visa choiceVietnam permits foreigners to transit without a visa (TWOV) provided they remain inside the airport transit areas while awaiting an onward flight out of the country within 24 hours of arrival. In fact, from cost of vietnam visa feedback of our customers, there are some informing us that our total cost for VOA is lower than the price of full-stamped visa at Embassy. To get this approval letter, the visa applicant is required to submit an application online to a travel agency which will then work with the Vietnam Immigration Department to return the visa approval letter via email.

Passport must be valid for at least six-months prior entry date to Vietnam & must match details as approved in the visa approval letter. Bring visa approval letter and pay directly the stamping fee with USD in cash only to Immigration office at the airport in Vietnam. This process is only for travelers who will be in a neighboring country prior to entering Vietnam (aka Cambodia, Laos or China).

If you need visa stamp on your passport before you come to Vietnam, pls come to Vietnam Embassy in your vietnam viza country to request it. Stamping fee: is the fee you pay to the Immigration Officer at the airport to stamp the visa onto your passport. There is large-screen display to the left of the counter, and when your visa is ready your passport photo, name and country will be shown and your name read out.

We recommend you to check those who have ever applied for visa on arrival in your own country for your reference. You are required to provide the personal information of the applicant(s) exactly such as the full name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, the date of arrival, and Vietnam visa type. Should you loved this short article and you would like to receive details regarding vietnam visa photo assure visit the web-site. The only thing you need to do is book your flights and you are good to go but don't forget to print out your booking confirmation for the return flight (within the period of your visa exemption) to show at the Immigration in Vietnam.

We would like to inform that Australian passport holder need have visa to enter Vietnam. Once you arrive at the airport in Vietnam, at times, there can be a large group waiting at the visa landing desk, meaning on a busy day you could be delayed for over an hour. Please kindly check the official vietnam visa photo link to apply: -/ to get the approval letter which you can use to get Visa directly at the airport when you arrive.

Commits to send you the visa approval letter via email, stating your name, nationality, date of arrival and date of exit within 2 working days (for tourist visas) or 7 working days (for business visas), along with detailed guidelines for your necessary document preparation to get a full visa stamp at your arrival airport in Vietnam. In fact, we met many people who avoided Vietnam altogether solely because they thought obtaining visa was too difficult.

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