Arrival Fee And Procedure For US Citizens

Arrival Fee And Procedure For US Citizens

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The Au Co - The Luxury Cruise is very pleased to arrange Visa Requirements For Vietnam a Vietnam Visa on arrival for guests booking cruises to the Gulf of Tonkin with us. Stamping fee: paid in cash directly to the Immigration Officer at arrival airports to get visa stamped onto passport. His one month, single entry tourist visa was approved and he obtained his letter of visa approval on August 15, 2016. Upon the official approvement of Vietnam's authority for applying for Vietnam e-visa, a government-registered firm called Green visa with the experience gaining from processing Vietnam visa on vietnam visa price arrival for residents from over 190 nations have been established to ease the process for NATION CITIZEN.

But for visa applied at the Vietnam embassies, the visa stamp will be on your passport when they send it back to you. Before applying for Vietnam visa, applicants have to make sure that his/her passport has minimum 6 month validity and left pages. A visa on arrival can be a tourist visa (30 days stay) or business visa (90 days stay) provided that you have arranged everything in advance and you get an authorised approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Present your passport, visa approval letter, 02 photos, the Entry & Exit application form along with stamping fee (USD recommended) to Immigration officers at the arrival airport. However, if your particular city does not have a Vietnamese embassy, and/or you wish to avoid procedural delays (anywhere from 4 to 10 days) which sometimes happen with visa approvals at embassies outside Vietnam, we can make this requirement a fairly easy exercise.

Since 2005, the new law has changed the format of visa on arrival - making it easier to obtain than before. The Vietnam Immigration Officer works 24/7 at the airports so you can get visa stamp at anytime when you arrive. In the event you loved this post and you wish to receive details regarding visa requirements for vietnam please visit our own web-page. We are therefore glad to be one of the preferable sites giving you Vietnam Visa on Arrival service. A single-entry 30-day visa costs US$20, a three-month multiple-entry visa is US$70.

Association with Groups: Persons whom the Government of Vietnam perceives to be associated with dissident or political groups may be denied entry to Vietnam, prevented from departing, detained, interrogated, or placed under serveillance. Another popular form of transport in the city is the motorcycle taxi, where vietnam visa cost you can get a ride for less that a dollar. visa requirements for vietnam The Government of Vietnam has authorized some businesses and travel agencies to arrange for pre-approval for a visa on arrival" at the airport.

Hence, not only the fees by the embassies, but you also have to pay extra cost such as post and transportation cost. Get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport checking point by submitting printed visa approval letter, passport, 2 passport-sized photos, entry and exit form, and stamping fee to the in-charge officer. Present all the prepared documents (including visa approval letter, original passport, entry and exit form, 2 passport-sized photos and stamping fee in US Dollar) to the Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport then get visa stamped onto your passport.

No Vietnam entry visa required for travel less than 30 days: Citizens of Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei and Laos. The second fee is Stamping fee which you must pay in cash (USD) directly to the Immigration Officer at the Check-in counter at the arrival airport to get visa stamped onto your passport. If you plan to travel from Vietnam to Laos by land, you should request that an adhesive visa be affixed to your passport instead of a detachable one.

Please apply at our website here -/ After receiving your payment, we will process and send to your email a visa approval letter within 2 working days (for tourist visa). In case you plan to travel to Vietnam by land/sea or would like to obtain a full stamped visa on your passport before departing for Vietnam, you are advised to contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy for detailed procedure.

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