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Vietnam Visa For New Zealander

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WARNING: As of February 2016, the Vietnamese Embassy in Australia has issued an official warning about Visa On Arrival companies Please be aware of this and use at your own risk. Please access on our website: and apply visa (No need to send us any documents), then confirm and settle the payment online. Can I apply for the visa now - I go to Africa at the beginning of May and have no possibility for an application from there. Stamping fee: is the fee you need to pay to the Immigration Officer at your Vietnam arrival airport to get visa stamped onto your passport.

Above is a brief comparison between e-visa and visa on arrival for Vietnam, helping you easily find the best way for Cost Of Vietnam Visa On Arrival you. This was also confirmed by several other Americans we met during our time in Vietnam who also encountered the same situation with the prior letter of visa approval. We kindly inform that we can process for you the tourist visa one month single entry only.

If you are applying for a tourist visa you may need to give a detailed itinerary with air tickets and hotel booking. According the Immigration law-system of VIetnam, it is allowed to transit within 24 hours without obtaining Visa. For tourist and business Visa, this visa extension/renewal is only applicable for 1 month or 3 months (single/ multiple). Only with a computer and Internet access, you can easily apply for a visa to Vietnam anywhere by using VOA.

Does this also apply if a traveller arrives by sea to one of the harbours of Vietnam. From the date of July 1st, 2016 to over the date of June 30th, 2017: Vietnam government continues to give out 15 days visa exemption policy for citizens from 5 countries: Kingdom of Great Britain, Republic of France, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom of Spain and Republic of Italy.

A visa on arrival can be a tourist visa (30 days stay) or business visa (90 days stay) provided that you have arranged everything in advance and you get an authorised approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department. Please be noted that the Service fee needs to be paid fully in advance to process the visa approval letter in 1-2 working days or 2-4 working hours (for tourist visa) or 2-3-7 working days (for business visas).

By using this way of getting Vietnam Visa online in Singapore , one only needs 2 working days (normal processing) or 1 working day (urgent processing) or only 4 working hours (super urgent service - see Super Urgent Service ) to get a pre-approval letter for tourist visa or 7 working days (normal processing) or 3 working days (urgent processing) to get a pre-approval letter for business visa issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.

Should you have just about any inquiries concerning in which and the way to make use of cost of vietnam visa on arrival, you can email us on our own webpage.

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