Pulling Naturist Youth and Podcast Interview with Felicity

Getting More Nudist Youth Involved in Nudism:
Naturist Youth - Yesterday the latest podcast of the Naturist Living Show came out entitled "Attracting Youth." If you have never heard of the show, it's a monthly podcast by Stephane Deschenes, owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada. Yet, in the world of nudism, Stephane is ahead of the game because he has the only fkk podcast on the planet right now and a big following to boot.
Stephane requested to interview me for this month's show about young naturists, who we are and what we're doing. Afterward there's an interview with me, followed by an interview with Jess of the website Naked Vegan Cooking. If you need some hints or guidance on bringing youth to nudism, listen to this podcast. Stephane knows what he's doing. Naked Oaks is known for its young visitors, members and staff, and seemingly they had hundreds of visitors under age 35 this past summer.
Stephane makes several good points, and I simply need to quote him on one that I think gets overlooked. He states that a critical part of bringing young people is having a "powerful naturist doctrine." He says:
"I believe you have to be very idealistic, I believe you've got to be an ethical naturistbecause when you're young is when you're at your most idealistic. That's when you're most involved in causes. That is when a message of health and social justice and having a better world generally with regard to body approval and getting along together. That message rings more accurate when you're younger"
Nudist Youth
I think about my 24-year-old self and how I need to save the planet. So, yeah. This is totally accurate. And look at how many young people rally around the World Naked Bike Ride global, for example. Give them a great motive or cause to get nude, and make way for naked youth on bicycles!
As FKK, we have got this part covered. In reality it goes back to why we started FKK to begin with, because naturism to us is unquestionably about considerably more than merely getting naked. At its center, we believe the naturist movement should be about acceptance, as Stephane quotes us on. It's what makes us body favorable and sex-positive! While I think there are people who simply need to get naked (or see naked people perhaps), I definitely agree with Stephane on this point, that it's an important aspect to consider when trying to attract youth to the naturist movement.
In the section with Jess, I believe it is worth noting that his website is run by a small grouping of young adults who aren't just about cooking nude, but also work to encourage body positivity, wellness and knowledge of issues they care about. It's also interesting to note that although Jess participates in social nudity, he wouldn't label himself a naturist or naturist. He has never visited a nudist club, nor does he believe such areas are relevant to his practice of social nudity. He mentions there are many young people who try social nudism without thinking about it in nudist terms. We find this trend ourselves merely in the amounts of individuals who have not seen any naturist club before attending a FKK gathering.
Things to ponder!
Is having a prominent, defined naturist doctrine an important part of participating young people in naturism? Does a lack of one lead to a deficiency of interest in seeing fkk clubs, resorts or attending naturist group occasions?
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